brandy rai

Brandy Rai — My baby. He passed away on Tuesday, 21 August 2007. He was my 14 year old purebred Maine Coon cat. He is a red tabby color with yellowish eyes. He was born 21 July 1993 & I purchased him in November of 1993 while I was still living in New York. He actually picked me out. The little bugger wouldn’t leave me alone as I was looking at a black/white one. So I ended up buying him. The single best thing that I ever did was get him. He was like a son to me.

He was and will always be my 1st Rai, my bestest friend in the whole world and my son. No other will ever take that place. When I’m gone, his ashes will be with mine. Forever and a day till I see him again. (editor note – 20200801 – I have to say, rereading this, I know that Sho is the great one, no matter how awesome my Brandy Rai was.)

He’s even gotten his own microsite-site at now. He’s earned it 😉