Monster Bobster

Monster, My 1st Ragdoll & The Supreme Commander

Monster (Montana Vai) was my purebred Ragdoll. He was a seal point color with blue eyes. Crisp, amazingly blue eyes consistent with the breed.

I purchased him in early July of 2002 from a breeder in Scottsdale. He’s was as dumb as he was beautiful but ever so loving to his daddy. His birthday was on 12 April 2002.

On 27 May 2018, Monster could no longer continue with life, unable to walk and not eating. I put him down and his official time of death is 10:31 pm AZ local time.

My heart aches for him, but I know I gave him such a fantastic life. One that he’d not have known otherwise.

I may talk shit about him, I got to spend 16 years with him. He was a companion, a life partner, and I loved him very, very much. I will miss him more than words.

I have so many great and fond memories of my Monster, some that I shared with the people in my life and yet others that were between us.

He’s even gotten his own microsite-site at now. He’s earned it 😉

UPDATE #1 – I brought Monster in for a routine checkup on 10 October 2008 and he weighed in @ 14lbs, 3 ounces. Not just fluffy …

UPDATE #2 – I was messing around with the scale today and weighed the boys and found that Monster weigh’s in at 17.2lbs now, as of 15 May 2011.

UPDATE #3 – Monster was in for grooming again and weighed in at a massive 18.9lbs. Vet suggested it’s time for a diet, and I agree.

UPDATE #3 – Monster has been ill for the last few months, thyroid issues and has lost a lot of weight on top of his changed diet. As of 13 January 2017 he is 13.8lbs. That’s actually up .6 in the last 2 months.

UPDATE #4 – Monster is getting better in terms of having been sick, but he’s still at 12,2lbs as of 19 January 2018. Not bad for being 16.