Truffle Buffle

Truffle Buffle, The BEST Actual Cat |2005

Here comes trouble, what did I do now… “Scatterbrain“. My Truffle Buffle.

Well, he’s an amazing cat. Loves water loves attention and is just awesome. He is a black tuxedo cat, the fluffiest tail I’ve ever seen, and a scaredy puss.

I don’t know when his birthday actually is, but we’ve settled on August 1st to give him his own day. This year (2020) he turned 16. Sixteen!!! How time flies.

He’s even gotten his own microsite-site at now. He’s earned it 😉<

UPDATE #1 – I brought Truffle & Sho in for a routine checkups on 24 October 2008 and Truffled weighed in @ 12 lbs. See, he’s a big boy now.

UPDATE #2 – I was messing around with the scale today and weighed the boys and found that Truffle weighs in at 12.2lbs now, as of 15 May 2011.

UPDATE #3 – Truffle was in for grooming again and weighed in at 15.12 lbs, which to me is amazing. He seems so small compared to Monster and Sho.

UPDATE #4 – I weighed Truffle this morning, 13 January 2017, and he came in at 15.4lbs. That’s awesome since he really hasn’t changed weight in the last couple of years.

UPDATE #5 – Somehow I missed this update, but on 14 November 2017 his weight was 14.8lbs. That was on the vet’s scale.

UPDATE #6 – I brought Truffle in to get his razor claws clipped, and his official weight was 13.5lbs. I’m happy his weight is going down, which means the dietary changes I’ve made are helping. That was 10 July 2018.

UPDATE #7 – On 19 January 2019 I had to take Truffle to an emergency clinic as he was having problems with his hind legs. Diagnosed as a sprain or similar. What’s interesting is he was 12.5lbs. He’s OK, just a bit sore from Taco being a kitten and being a dick.

UPDATE #8 – Over the last year or so, Truffle has lost a bit of weight and was just not eating well enough. I brought him to my vet, Quail Crossing Animal Hospital, here in the Phoenix area.

We started Truffle on a liquid steroid that was to boost his appetite, and boy did that ever work. He’s put a bit of good weight on and continues to keep the weight even though he is 16.

The only downside is I have to actually feed him, so there’s that. He’s a wonderful boy, I am incredibly enriched by having him in my life.