Here comes trouble, what did I do now… “Scatterbrain”

Well, he’s an amazing cat. Loves water, loves attention and is just awesome. He is a black tuxedo cat, the fluffiest tail I’ve ever seen and a scaredy puss. I don’t know when his birthday is, but this year (2011) he’ll be turning 7. How time flies.

UPDATE #1 – I brought Truffle & Sho in for a routine checkups on 24 October 2008 and Truffled weighed in @ 12 lbs. See, he’s a big boy now.

UPDATE #2 – I was messing around with the scale today and weighed the boys and found that Truffle weigh’s in at 12.2lbs now, as of 15 May 2011.

UPDATE #3 – Truffle was in for grooming again and weighed in at 15.12 lbs, which to me is amazing. He seems so small compared to Monster and Sho.

UPDATE #4 – I weighed Truffle this morning, 13 January 2017, and he came in at 15.4lbs. That’s awesome since he really hasn’t changed weight in the last couple of years.

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