Size Matters

The Late, Great, Amazing Sho Sugino Rai

The true beauty and size of the most amazing breed cats, the Maine Coon. I’ve been oh so lucky to have had two grace my life. I have had one since 1993. Brandy Rai was amazing, but Sho was so much more.

Happy Birthday Brandy Rai (v.2013)

The Late, GREAT, Brandy Rai

Another year passes, my love stays true. Brandy Rai would be 20 today if he were still alive. He passed away 6 years ago in August. I will quote what I said last year (and likely more before that) ¦ I miss my not so little boy. And sadly, I feel that he’s the last love that I will have, I believe I’ll be alone for the rest of my life. Still I will wait to see him again.