Gerald Celente: We’re going into an economic 9/11

The new job numbers are out for the month of November. The Labor Department announced that unemployment is declining and was 8.6 percent for last month. Roughly 120 thousand private jobs were created in the month of November, but critics say retail and hospitality jobs aren’t the type of jobs America needs. Others say that this doesn’t make up for the new people joining the workforce. Gerald Celente, publisher of The Trends Journal, sounds off on the issue.

Gerald Celente: Let’s stop this façade of democracy

(RussiaToday) “ The Greece drama continues. The Greek bailout proposed by the Eurozone has the possibility to bring the world economy to its knees. It has been proposed by to have Greece removed from the Eurozone. This many say is a frantic attempt to help save the drowning currency. Many believe Greece is the scapegoat for a much larger problem. Gerald Celente, publisher at The Trends Journal, gives us his take on the messy situation.

Celente: Congress is made up of soccer mommy’s boys

While president Obama is still discussing the issue of raising the 14.3 million dollar debt ceiling with lawmakers, raising the taxes of wealthy Americans seems not to be an issue. Instead, more cuts are expected for the social programs targeted to the poor. This is pretty much the case with Minnesota, where the government has been shut for more than a week now. There, the Republican-led legislature refuses to raise taxes on even the wealthiest two percent of people and Governor Mark Dayton, a Democrat, doesn’t want to cut any programs. Gerald Celente, director of the Trends Research Institute, joins RT’s Kristine Frazao to speak more on the matter.

Celente: Great 21 century war looming, Egypt & Libya just brush fires

The Middle East protests have fueled more than just a change in Democracy; it looks like these political outbursts will affect the gas pump as well. There are reports that crude oil could rise up to 200 dollars a barrel. Director of the Trends Research Institute Gerald Celente says the role of the Federal Reserve, interest rates and the potential oil crisis out of the Middle East could be detrimental to the United States economy.