Safe Home

Unrelated to anything going on in the world, I feel increasingly isolated from the world. When I work from home, I get so much more done. I feel alive and free, unconfined in my actions.

Top 5 Bands III

This is a revisit of a thread (here and here) given how often I get this asked, tho I’m not sure why. So here we go : Dream Theater Pink Floyd Course of Empire Machines of Loving Grace Type O…


The Fullness Of Time (2005) by Redemption. The live version from Frozen in the Moment is my favorite version, but there is a lot to this song that you can see and hear. There isn’t a lot to explain.


Iron Maiden: Flight 666 is a 2009 British/Canadian documentary film featuring the heavy metal band Iron Maiden. The film follows the band on the first leg of their Somewhere Back in Time World Tour between February and March 2008.