MUST SEE – Keith Olbermann’s Call To Arms: The Great Hypocrisy Of Debt, Politics, War And Man

This video is going to be very controversial with readers, without doubt. I have my issues with Olbermann, mostly due to his extreme partisanship. Dylan Ratigan has long since ascertained the truth that Olbermann takes great pains to avoid, namely that both parties are to blame, not just Republicans, as Democrats are equally complicit in facilitating the grand corporate takeover of America, specifically Washington.

Misery +2

I had a series of interesting conversations with some co-workers today, including my Jason, about a very troubling (for me) topic. I have given this one thought for some time now, not realizing how troubling it was to get out.…

angry clown

I have a theory that everyone has a theory that

In this cloud of conscienceness, I am without understanding of how to rid myself of the turbulence that paralyzes me and destroys my life. Constant motion of rotting misery and alcoholism, trapped in ice, left to die in this glass…

The mirror

Density, cause you are trash!

This one goes out to you know who, and then you can go F yourself. Well, maybe it’d be better if you just went down to Lowes, got yourself about 20ft of high density rope, and fucking hung yourself. That…