another point of thinking

There’ll be a point in time you wake up, complete with hangover, in a toy car bed and in that very moment, you pray to your lord that you have kids.


I had this one last night but I knew that it needed some adjustment so it made sense. So, here goes : These thoughts are courtesy of Chocolate loop(s) again.

metal lords

I was painting again tonight, listening to a combo of Rush and Styx. Mr. Roboto came on and while I was painting, my mind started to drift. This is the outcome summarized. Tonight’s thoughts are courtesy of Chocolate loop(s).

tea timer

Here’s a fun game to play when under the influence, works best when you are doing it in your own home as to not alarm anybody with what you are doing. Consider this the warning before getting into it.

cat migraine

I was in the kitchen this evening and my Ragdoll started in with his meowing. He follows me to the refrigerator as I get something to drink and purposely puts himself into the area between the door, the floor, and…