The Astonishing > A Tempting Offer

I am going to take a few minutes here, and over the next few weeks, to review Dream Theater’s new album, The Astonishing. IMO, this is a epic, massive and awe inspiring album. Clocking in at ~2h:10m, it’s gonna take a while.

Wow, we are hitting the sixteenth track now. A Tempting Offer is another amazingly groovy track. Great melody, fun lyrics and a little on the harder side. Great vocal battle over X which is really cool. I can’t say enough about the back and forth of the lyrics between Daryus and Arhys. It’s really cool.

So basically Daryus takes Xander hostage in Arhys’s home and waits for Aryhs to return. They go back and forth with the ultimatum being “Give up the Chosen One”, referring to Gabriel, and Xander will be free to enjoy a life that he could never have. Another neat note to the track is how we see Daryus’s other side, that being his jealousy of Faythe.

I think this is a top 5 track, maybe #6. It’s the dueling melody that really gives it life.

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