The Astonishing > Begin Again

I am going to take a few minutes here, and over the next few weeks, to review Dream Theater’s new album, The Astonishing. IMO, this is a epic, massive and awe inspiring album. Clocking in at ~2h:10m, it’s gonna take a while.

The forth track of ACT II is Begin Again. This is a simple meaning track, one that I’m not a huge fan. I’ve found Act II to be lacking IMO, but still better then a lot of other music I’ve been subjected to.

The basis of this track is Faythe realizing that her life is renewed and there is something more to it. I feel that is the core theme to this track, it does a great job of supporting it. It’s OK. I’ll leave it at that.

Also, Kastle’s note … the next track, The Path That Divides, is the winner of Act II.

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