The Astonishing > Descent of the NOMACS

I’ve got a new task, reviewing Dream Theater’s new album, The Astonishing. This should come as no surprise, a fan for 22 years, they are a source of love, life and happiness.

I am going to take a few minutes here, and over the next few weeks, to review in my own little way the 34 tracks on this epic, massive and awe inspiring album.

The first track, Descent of the NOMACS, opens the album with a instrumental track that starts to set the mood to The Astonishing. It’s a cute little track that gives us the tone for the NOMACS starting up and getting moving. Perhaps powering up. I’m not going to explain the inner workings of all the bits in the album, their meanings … just sharing and noting.

My thoughts … I wish Dream Theater would make an album with just these types of tracks. Short mechanical tracks that do a phenomenal job of setting the tone, perhaps perfect for a video game sound track type of track. Something perhaps ~2 minutes long. Love it, love it, love it.

And now, without further blabbering, bring on track #1.

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