The Astonishing > The X Aspect

I am going to take a few minutes here, and over the next few weeks, to review Dream Theater’s new album, The Astonishing. IMO, this is a epic, massive and awe inspiring album. Clocking in at ~2h:10m, it’s gonna take a while.

We are at lucky eighteen and starting to wind down Act I, and oddly enough some of their best music comes in this next section. With The X Aspect, we get into some of the nitty gritty details that sets up Act II.

Since Ahrys was given the “offer” for X being free in A Tempting Offer, he fights with the consequences of either choice. Does he give up on his people, who are fighting for freedom for the better chance on his son? What a conundrum.

I find Ahrys’s decision to be incredibly selfish and shitty. The freedom of his people are, and should be, more important then one person. One man is no bigger then the cause and this leads to Ahrys’s downfall. Selfishness serves no man.

The track sets of the next song, a New Beginning. And that is one f’ing massively impressively awesome.

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