The Astonishing > Whispers On The Wind

I am going to take a few minutes here, and over the next few weeks, to review Dream Theater’s new album, The Astonishing. IMO, this is a epic, massive and awe inspiring album. Clocking in at ~2h:10m, it’s gonna take a while.

And with the 10th track of ACT II, we get Whispers On The Wind. As we close down the album, I think I’m going to let DT tracks summarize things as to save myself for the LIVE review.

Gabriel cannot sing. The scream which he bellowed forth upon seeing his dead brother and the fallen princess, the scream which deafened Prince Daryus and alerted everyone in the region of this terrible nightmare they all were experiencing, had rendered his voice useless. He wanted to sing. He tried but was only capable of producing a few scratchy whispers.


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