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The Code, LIVE IT (If You Dare) |2012

This is a compilation of the posts that I have done, a collection known as “The code of The Thinker”. The Code can be seen as a moral guide, something to assist in everyday life.

The Code is in no way, in at all anyway, a replacement for a practical belief system, such as religion. Very important distinction.

A. No Man should ever believe they are better then another, for the sake of race/sex/religion, lest that has been proven fairly in contest with honor and respect.

B. Just because you have obtained a level of power greater than others, doesn’t mean you have to use it, regardless of the manner, for good nor evil.

C. Showing respect for all life is as paramount as being humble for the mercy of others.

D. One must have honor lest fall into selfishness and lack of potential.

E. Integrity provides one with morality and character, they guide your life through straight and narrow.

F. Have respect for yourself, and for others, even when the light of the world grows dark, as there will always be a need for good men to fight against all the evils that men do.

G. Loyalties may run deep, tread lightly from extremity and conflict.

H. Being smart and being intelligent are mutually exclusive. Only through hard work and experience can one hope to achieve both.

I. Kindness multiplies. Do good deeds unconditionally, for being a better person it makes, yourself and those around you.

J. Greed stops the change of the greater good dead in its tracks.

K. Faith in others is a weakness countered by the strength and conviction you have in yourself.

L. Conquering aggression and anger allows your soul to flourish.

M. Through action, or inaction, we can find out exactly what others opinions are.

N. Giving thanks to others is it’s own reward.

O. A Man is a Man, first and foremost. For a Man to divide his attention between the will of the Man and the will of others is to invite disaster.

P. Equality allows one to see his value to others.

Q. Investing in yourself reaps rewards beyond your greatest expectations.

R. Being jealous of others reflects upon yourself.

S. You must have Loyalty, Respect, Honor, Integrity and Intelligence to open the doors to having Strength.

T. A Man wears a watch, a important Man wears a small watch, and the most important of them doesn’t wear a watch at all.

U. When the world fades away, inner strength will take you from here to your destination.

V. If you can make it thru today, you will be stronger tomorrow. Every day you are stronger, the more you are prepared for the days to come.

W. Pain generates experience.

X. Being flexible allows you float like a leaf in the wind.

Y. Loyalty is standing tall when betrayal looks you in the eyes.

Z. The strength of your mind is stronger then that of any fist.

AA. Good and evil are separated by the perspective you are viewing it from.

AB. Sometimes doing the right thing hurts more then doing the easy thing.

AC. There are many ways to resolve a problem. Do nothing, drink it out, shoot it out, or know there is no resolution.

So there you have it, The Code as written by

The Code
Integrity, it comes from within

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