BMW Rondel

2011 BMW 335d, Diesel Loving Luxury |2013

The newest addition to the family. I’ve longed for this one for 2+ years now and finally was able to get myself BMW 335d Diesel. It’s a 2011, 40k miles and was dealer owned fleet vehicle.

Diesel FTMFW!!!

One really cool thing about this car is the MPG’s, which for a car that makes 265hp/425tq is really impressive. Since purchasing the car, and as of 26 May 2016, I have filled up the tank 71 times. Yes, I have a spreadsheet.

I am getting 26MPG combined which is right near the�EPA mark. I have another spreadsheet for my commute (11 miles surface streets each way) and am getting on average 29.34MPG. I consider that a win.

26 May 2016�- There will be more mods coming over the next few months as I continue to put a renewed effort into her. This will include :

  • Stage 1 Speaker Upgrade Kit
  • Stage 1 Subwoofer Kit
  • Rear View Camera Kit
  • Emblem upgrades
  • New Headlight Bulbs

Fixes / Updates as of 26 May 2016:

  • HPB LED Interior Kit
  • HPB LED License Plate Kit
  • HPB 6k 80W LED Angel Eyes
  • HPB 6k H8 Fog Log Kit
  • EDM Rear Fog Light
  • SBL LED Rear Brake Lights
  • Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame
  • Rear De-badge
  • iDrive Ycable BMW
  • AMT Customs Floor Mats
  • Aluminum AT Pedals
  • Aluminum Dead Pedal
  • Cyba Hood Scoops
  • Cyba Black Front Grills
  • K&N Air Filter