WikiLeaks rebukes allegation that Assange complained of Jewish conspiracy’

David Edwards
Raw Story
March 2, 2011

Secrets outlet WikiLeaks was on the defensive Tuesday after a British publication claimed that founder Julian Assange had complained of a “Jewish conspiracy to smear his organization.

That claim, Private Eye editor Ian Hislop recalled, came directly from a phone call with Assange himself and the allegation’s level of specificity was seemingly enough to trigger a lengthy response from the site.

In the latest issue of British current affairs magazine Private Eye, editor Ian Hislop details a Feb. 16 call from the WikiLeaks founder. Assange had phoned to complain about a report in the previous month’s magazine that claimed that a WikiLeaks associate in Russia, Israel Shamir, was a Holocaust denier.

He allegedly called the report “crap, but admitted that he had not read it.

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