Everything you could possibly want to know about me is summarized up in the following statements, comments, quotes and otherwise stupid items. And while some might seem old or outdated, I keep them alive as a reminder of who I may have been, or even still am. Or never was. Or wanted to be. Something like that. Maybe the 1st one?

Additional note : I keep some of these older quotes up as a reminder that I have the balls to admit I said something. I may not believe a certain aspect of something from my Antidote Series, but I certainly have the testicular fortitude to leave the words for others to see.

The NEW k/me series

  • “My right to free speech, and therefore opposition to your view, is more important then your free speech and therefore you don’t deserve free speech.” —kastle, new series, 8.16.17
  • “Where would we be if not for disappointing ourselves believing that there was such a thing as love and that it could be obtained by another human.” —kastle, new series, 2.12.17
  • “Sorrow and sadness are terms for dating. Happiness and joy are terms for being single.”
  • kastle, new series, 2.12.17


Old school

  • “It’s a good thing that history gives you a window into stupidity … What makes stupidity really insufferable is that it is forever in action – idiocy knows no rest” — antidote, originals series 5.5.7
  • “I’ve learned the following today: People and their douchebagory knows no bounds, is limitless, and is rather amazing to behold.” —antidote, originals series, 5.26.7
  • “I fight this war inside my head where there are no winners, only losers” —antidote, originals series, 9.15.7
  • “I don’t get it why people walk around and tell you “I’ve found god!” … Umm… were you at the Jersey shore playing skeeball too?” —antidote, original series, 1.31.8 + rewording from Bado
  • “Chicks should have a expiration date on them like a milk container does … that way I can get something with a longer shelf life. —antidote original series, 3.31.8
  • “You know the great thing about single moms? Exactly, nothing …” —antidote original series, 4.10.8
  • “It’s funny, people usually don’t talk to me when I’m out in public … I’m sure that’s because I don’t fucking really care what they have to say …” —antidote original series, 4.10.8
  • “I met her one night, she seemed like a great person. Then I realized I was drunk and she was ugly. Go figure.” —antidote original series, 6.8.8
  • “Animals in the wild are patient ¦ waiting ¦ lurking ¦. then blamo, shot by Ted Nugent.” —antidote original series, 1.29.11
  • “If I could have anything my heart desired, my desire would be to fill the hearts of others. With stakes. To ensure they’re not vampires.” —antidote original series, 8.30.11 + rewording from Bado
  • “Kastle’s Theory states that the number of people that care about you is inversely proportional to the number of cats you own.” —antidote original series, 8.31.11 + Bado’s devine rewording
  • “If I said you had a beautiful body, would you take your pants off and dance around a little?” —Zapp Brannigan, Futurama
  • “How can you keep your head and not go insane when the only light at the end of the tunnel is another train?” — Dream Theater, New Millennium
  • “We move in circles, balanced all the while on a gleaming razor’s edge. A perfect sphere, colliding with our fate. This story ends where it began. “-John Petrucci, Octavarium
  • “Know much about purgatory? It’s a place between heaven and hell where those who were left behind and unable to get into heaven, continue to suffer. A place of struggle and pain. In other words, the world we are in now. —Vincent Volaju
  • “My ideal date is my date whispering in my ear asking me “Why does your hankerchief smell like Chloroform?” — Bradley Fukerton III
  • “Memory’s unreliable. No no no, really. Memory’s not perfect; it’s not even that good. Ask the police. Eyewitness testimony is unreliable. Cops don’t catch a killer by sitting around remembering stuff. They collect facts, they make notes, and they draw conclusions. Facts, not memories. That’s how you investigate. I know. It’s what I used to do. Look, memory can change the shape of a room; it can change the color of a car. And memories can be distorted. They’re just an interpretation, they’re not a record, and they’re irrelevant if you have the facts.” — Leonard Shelby, Memento
  • “The horror of wedlock, the most appalling, the most loathsome of all the bonds humankind has devised for its own discomfort and degradation. — Marquis De Sade
  • “The Antidote stands for the ambiguity of human powers of choosing his own fate, that of the poison or that of the cure. I think this tension is an unbelievable and endless source of inspiration. It is not we are suggesting our album as a saviour for broken hearts or minds, as an antidote to a given poison. Actually it can backfire on you, everything is possible.” — Fernando Ribeiro
  • “Imperious, choleric, irascible, extreme in everything, with a dissolute imagination of the like which has never been seen. Atheistic to the point of fanaticism, there you have me in a nutshell and kill me again or take me as I am for I shall not change.” — Marquis De Sade