A Different Kinda Sea Castle |2020

I don’t just listen to metal, I do have a heart for some electronica. See The Halcyon And How It’s Takao’s Fault |2020 Sea Castle, see kastle.

I will likely add some content over the next month that’s electronica, like Purity Ring, Phantogram, BT, The Chemical Brothers, and Halls of the Machine, as examples.

I hope to do some more goth stuff and push into some of the metal I grew up with. I know, I know.

Just so it’s clear that when I publish stuff it’s not a review. It’s not a critique. It’s something I was feeling at that time, something that made me emote to a song.

At least now, I’m trying to give a little bit of background and context as to why I’m posting something.

I feel, -hope-, that it provides you with exposure to something new, regardless.

I think it’s important to be able to touch on that and to be able to articulate that to others. I don’t need to spoil some song for you.

As for me, I’ve been a fan of Purity Ring for about 5 years and heard them through a co-worker at that time. I like their style, musically has harmonics and flow.

And with that…

Check out the Youtube video for Purity Ring – Sea Castle.


Purity Ring, Sea Castle see kastle

And yes, I know that Youtube is Killing Videos – 2020