Arizona Advances Bill to Okay Experimental Drugs for Terminally Ill

Mary Lou Byrd
Washington Free Beacon
February 21, 2014

A bill allowing the terminally ill to use experimental drugs not yet approved for use by the Federal Drug Administration has advanced to the full House in Arizona.

Arizona lawmakers passed the bill out of committee and in the next three weeks both chambers of the legislature could vote on it. It would then need to be approved by voters in November.

The Right to Try law would give those who have exhausted all other treatment options the use of non-FDA approved drugs. According to the Goldwater Institute, similar laws are under consideration and in different stages of the legislative process in seven other states.

Supporters of the bill are optimistic it will become law in Arizona and that other states will follow suit.

“This is a fundamental right for people to have,” said Christina Corieri, a health care policy analyst at the Goldwater Institute, which helped craft the law. “They have a fundamental right to save their own life, and there shouldn’t be a bureaucrat in the picture.”

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