soccerball_1This is less of a post then a bitch, for which I am excessively good at. I wanted some time to soak in the disappointment, yet again, but the US Men’s National Soccer Team in a major tournament. This time being Copa America.

In the event you missed it, mostly because no one cares about soccer in the USA team.

On Tuesday, 21 June 2016, the United States team played against Argentina in Houston, Texas, as a part of the Copa America Semifinals. And as you would expect, they choked on a giant dick.

I’m not sure what the cause is. Is it bad coaching? Not enough international experience? Incompetence? Nerves?

There’s probably something in there that is the root cause, though it is likely a combination of all of them in some regard.

While I played on a more junior or amateur level, I do understand all of those issues. Again, I was not a professional -or semi professional or any sort of professional- but it’s the same at all levels, just perceived different based on the amount of money you are getting paid.

So my gripe is this … America, and American’s, want to embrace soccer but it’s hard to with 0-0 games and the “home” team failing to perform. Aka choking on a dick.

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