Benghazi Criminal Co-Conspirator John Kerry Says He Will Not Comply With Subpoena

May 6, 2014

John Kerry will defy a subpoena legally obligating him to appear before congress to explain why he withheld the “smoking gun” Benghazi, amidst other questions that Darrell Issa’s committee would like to put to him.

Issa issued a formal subpoena for Kerry to appear before Congress on May 21.
Today, Kerry’s deputy spokeswoman, Marie Harf, said he would not appear on May 21, but instead would carry on with a pre-planned trip to Mexico.

She also slammed the request to appear as “a waste of time and taxpayer dollars” and refused to say if notorious Vietnam War coward and traitor Kerry would cooperate if a subpoena for another date was issued:

“We are committed to working with the committee to find a resolution to this that is acceptable to both sides. We were surprised when they didn’t reach out to us before issuing a subpoena for exactly that reason. And as I’ve noted here, there have been a number of Republicans who themselves, under the previous administration, said a Secretary of State should not be subpoenaed.”

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