Best Actors (addendum)

In a previous post here I commented the following on Gary Oldman

* Gary Oldman The quintessential bad guy. I loved him in The Fifth Element and he was equally incredible in The Professional. And to think, he can even do a good guy like Commissioner Gordon in the new Batman movies. Plus he’s done a billion other roles as well or better, you just don’t realize it.

I’ve just watched “The Book of Eli” with Gary Oldman in it, and I continue to be amazed by his pure acting skills. It’s almost magical to watch him portray his craft with such finesse that rivals that of, imho, Johnny Depp. You just lose yourself in their acting and portrayals of their characters in such a manner that you just forget who they are as an actor, but immersed in the character. Truly impressive, amazing and refreshing. Master’s of their craft indeed.

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