Bilderberg and the Mainstream Media

To those who don’t believe there is a group called Bilderberg that is meeting and planning things outside of the realm of governments (RE: extreme bankers & the New World Order), here’s mainstream press on it.

VOULIAGMENI, Greece — The Astir Palace hotel in this Greek coastal town wasn’t open for coffee Friday.

The luxury resort — 25 miles south of Athens on the Aegean Sea — normally welcomes guests to use its bars and restaurants, or its private beach. But when a reporter tried to go in for a coffee, a suited security guard barred the way.

“The hotel is closed for a meetingĀ¦. A very big meeting,” he said.

Greek media, apparently tipped off, were abuzz over the reasons behind the heightened security at the hotel: a gathering of the Bilderberg Group, a secretive annual rendezvous of top politicians and business leaders.

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