Shiro Rai

Shiro Rai, Money Kitty Reigns Supreme |2019

Having lost my Sho, the greatest Maine Coon ever … I have gotten a new kitten, Shiro Yagami Rai. He is the 1st Rai.

Shiro Rai was born on 31 January, 2019 by Raydusoleil E.T. and sired by Shedoros Xantos of Raydusoleil a.k.a Tony.

I brought him home on Thursday, 2 May, 2019. He succeeds the late, GREATSho Rai.

Shiro Yagami, a man of noble birth, was infused with some unknown form of energy which gave him great strength, and the ability to form energy weapons. He was also able to travel through the nerve web of Japan, the computer network which gave Grandmother control of the city, thus allowing him to move anywhere inside Japan at virtually the speed of thought. More skilled as a politician than as a warrior, Shiro met his death in 3216 at the hands of the Anti-Grannies.