The law of cause and effect is best described as the law of life. It is the law by which all the other universal laws are based upon. Understanding that everything in the universe is energy and therefore everything is connected. Then we can see how through this interconnectedness, what happens to one thing must effect another thing. The old saying “what you give is what you get” is entirely true of life and directly describes the law of cause and effect.

In the entire universe, nothing exists independently. Everything has been created by something else and nothing is permanent. As previously mentioned, everything is made of energy and energy is constantly moving and changing from one form to another. This same principle directly relates to life. No matter how much you might want something to stay the same, it never does, everything is forever changing.

The law of cause and effect is commonly known throughout science. For every action there is a reaction or similarly, for every cause there is an effect and from every effect there must have been a cause. This law is an inescapable truth and until you learn and accept it you will be like the cat chasing its tail.

Often people are living their lives reacting to one event after the next. They presume life is just a random series of circumstances and that they must deal with what life throws at them from moment to moment. They are unaware that they are directly responsible for each and every event that appears in their lives. Due to the law of cause and effect they have in fact created the circumstances that have arrived in their reality from their own thoughts, words and actions. These thoughts, words and actions on the part of the individual are the cause and the resultant outcome at some later date is the direct effect from the initial cause. To follow the chain of events from a particular cause through to its effect would be virtually impossible as a complex series of actions takes place from the initial cause and the universe ultimately brings to us the end effect from that cause.

Karma is a common word used to describe the law of cause and effect. People often associate good actions with good karma and believe if we do the right thing by people then good things will come back to us and this is absolutely correct. There is no specific time in which our good deeds will be repaid to us but at some stage we will be rewarded. The same thing goes for any bad things we do. We will accrue bad karma if we do wrongly by others and our bad deeds will come back on us.

The law of cause and effect applies to everything and everyone in the universe. Although we cannot live outside the law, we can learn to live within the law and learn to use it to our advantage. We have all been gifted with the willpower to choose our thoughts, words and make decisions on our own actions. With positive thoughts, words and actions we draw positive people and events into our lives. We each know intuitively whether our actions will benefit or hinder others and as we learn to incorporate this law into our life we see the positive effects begin to appear in our lives as we do and say the right things by other people and our environment.

Learn to live in faith and know that due to the law of cause and effect, just like the law of attraction, if we live with thoughts of fear this is exactly what will come back to us. However, if we can change our thoughts to love and prosperity, this is the effect that will appear in our life. Just as we trust in the unfailing law of gravity, trust in the law of cause and effect and you will work wonders in your life.

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