clear view

As I sit under the pale moon light, the trees above me waving about as the wind rustles through them. The sands of time slip through my feet, holding me firmly in place. The long draw of the cigar and slow exhale creates a billowing of smoke that wafts in the air, stinging is the hint of cedar and oak. The perspiration flows down my face as I sit staring at the stars wondering the grand destiny of the infinite cosmos.

As the time passes, my thoughts turn to the gentle sounds of a echoing angel who’s name I will never know filling my ears with harmony and serenity. She must be a part of the highest plan, something I don’t understand. I am lost in the melody while searching for the center of the universe.

The unrelenting inferno that is the hot and humid air pushes my tolerance to the point where I am soaking wet with sweat. As the sky begins to lower itself unto me, I gently draw on my cigar and another universe is born.