Deaths From Swine Flu Vaccine Reported In Europe

Steve Watson
Friday, Oct 23, 2009

As European governments forge ahead with mass swine flu vaccination programs, reports out of Hungary and Sweden suggest that some people have died shortly after taking the H1N1 vaccine.

The Budapest Times is reporting that a 64-year-old woman has died just two days after receiving the H1N1 shot.

An autopsy has been scheduled to determine if there is a link between the vaccine and the death of the patient, who suffered from chronic, but mild, heart disease, according to the article.

So far just 4 people have died from swine flu in Hungary.

The country’s H1N1 vaccine is being supplied by local vaccine manufacturer Omninvest. The government there has ordered six million doses cover about 60% of Hungary’s population of 10 million.

Omnivest’s vaccines are egg grown and adjuvanted with aluminum phosphate. The company says that only one dose of their H1N1 vaccine is required. Though they have conducted limited trials with the H1N1 virus, their vaccine, is based on tests with the avian flu strain.

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