Disappointment comes in many flavors. It can be as fun as your mother’s dog, nearly as soon as it enters your home, pissing on your floor. It can be as fun as planning a party and no one showing up. It can be planning a date with someone to have that blown up by mother nature. Regardless of the cause, the end effect is the same.

Piling on disappointment to an already depressed nature. I once wrote a poem about wasting time (waste) and it holds as true today as it was then. I’m wasting my time with others when my focus should be elsewhere, anywhere but there.

No one truly can care, it’s as implausible as believing that a government official has your best interests in heart when he/she sells out to the Corporatocracy. There is nothing other then self interest, which just leads disappointment all around.

Failure, despair, solitude and time. All the ingredients needed to bake the cake of disappointment. The illusions of believing your friends have your back, only to see patters repeat themselves time and time again.

My life, it appears, is a dead end on a road to nowhere. To quote the Manbirds

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