Do Not Let Our US Senators Who Voted for S1867 Return Home With Honor


I can tell you right now. Senators Kay Baily Hutchinson and Senator John Cornyn are not worthy to set foot on the hollowed ground of a national cemetery, they are not worthy to revere the founding fathers or the defenders of the Alamo. They should be forbidden to set foot on the San Jacinto Battlefield or the Alamo. They have betrayed the early Texans. If Sam Houston were alive today, these two would face the gallows for committing high treason against the republic of Texas. No Senator who voted fgor S1867 should be allowed to return back to their states with honor because they violated their oath.

We need to use the art of ridicule from Sol Alinski’s rules for radicals on every US Senator who voted yes for this bill. They have violated the sacred trust of the people. We must let them know our displeasure right away. If they talk about the greatness of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson in a speech. We need to shout them down as a hypocrite and a phony. We must not allow them them dishonor founders in our history with lip service. They are not worthy to speak such things about them when they betrayed all of them with S1867. They are not good enough to speak before the VFW or the American legion. These Senators are not even worthy to visit a memorial day ceremony.

It is time we shame these people for what they are. A bunch of sell outs and servants for the bankers. They no longer represent the state governments as they are supposed to. They stand for special interest and crony capitalism. The stand for the money junkies and foreign interest for Israel more then the America’s well being. Then US Senate voting for S1867 permitting the military to arrest civilians for no reason at all without due process shows why the congress has a nine percent approval rating. Now we cannot wait until election day to show our displeasure with them. We need to ridicule them right now and let them know they are not welcome home back in their own state when they betray the people, the veterans and those who have fallen in battle.

I am not calling for violence or to lay a hand on them. I am just saying they need to be put to open shame before all to see in their won states. They must be held to account now for why they voted yes for S1867. We have to send a message to these consummate politicians that we will not tolerate them anymore voting to take our freedoms away in the name of keeping us safe from terrorist. We have to to use every legal means necessary to drive these people from office before election day. This has to be the final straw of ignoring us and our wishes. They work for us and we must let them know it. They might not see the light, but lets make them feel the heat. Let them not return home with honor this Christmas.

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