Dream Theater – On The Backs Of Angels

I’ve spent considerable time listening to the new DT track since it was released on Wednesday and I’m amazed about a few things in it. The keyboards are superb, ranging from synth to grand piano, Jordan is the MAN!!! The bass is very crisp as is the drumming. Throughout the song the bass lines come out a lot more overall, Myung does exceptionally well with it. Petrucci is locked in and his solo’s are epic. What can you say, he’s one of the best guitarists ever. Certainly one of the most technical.

I’ve read some people discussing James LaBrie’s voice, they seemed to think it was dragging on too much. I think the context of the song, both lyrically and musically, suits the track perfectly. The only thing is some of the transitions are tight, like too quick. Again, that’s a personal criticism, not professional or otherwise musically proficient one. I’m sure there’s a reason I’m sitting here and they are getting ready for a giant world tour. But I do go on ….

The ebb and flow of the track is amazing, and actually shows a stretched technical sound that I haven’t really seen since 6DOIT (Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, 2002). Again, I can’t stress enough the entire range that this song throws down. *Amazing* Even though it clocks a little under 9 minutes it really doesn’t feel like a long song, if just flows so well.

Give it a listen for yourself and see what you think ….

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