Erased, Yes… 2020 SUCKED And MUST BE Erased |2021

My New Years Resolution is to use less Redemption and to really use the eff out of other amazing bands that I’ve noted in the past, like Paradise Lost. You’re Erased.

Yes, it’s true… It’s damned true. Sorry, Kurt Angle. I want to shift from my love of Redemption to another band that I have loved for far longer, Paradise Lost. They were featured in a lot of older posts.

In that vein, I’ll probably write a bit more about The Sisters of Mercy, and perhaps Sister Machine Gun. Both being a long time love of mine. Long long time, like +20 years.

So, why Erased? Because I’m 2/3 the way through hell time and the worst of the worst is to come. But alas, the second is what I want to erase. I want to remove the burden of NYE Day.

Ya see, I stupidly got married on New Years’ Eve Day some many years ago. Many. And I’ve been divorced nearly as many. Nice human, we didn’t work because of where I was as a human.

While my ex-wife and I are friendly still, X years on, NYE is exceptionally difficult for me, and for whatever reason, I tend to project that onto her.

Not out of disrespect, but out of “me”. I don’t want to cross streams here, ahem, but this is one of the crosses I bear. For better or for worse, I own my own shit and so should you.

On a good note, Symbol of Life (from which Erased comes) has 5 amazing tracks on it and I really know how just this one album fits into life. To think, I have ~12 of their albums to play with this year.

Check out the Youtube video for Paradise Lost – Erased.


I don’t owe anything
I don’t owe anyone
Shoot pride for all its worth
I don’t belong

In a situation now
That I could not repair
I assert myself to sleep
Show others that I’ve cared
How cold is this poor life
Lay ashes at my grave

If it takes me away from you
A subtle gesture

I don’t know anyone (cherish my religion)
I don’t know anyone (faith is only fiction)
I don’t know anyone (cherish my religion)
I don’t know anyone (faith is only fiction)

This is erased I promise not a trace
This is erased I promise no delay not a trace/blockquote>

paradise lost symbol of life to be ERASED

I will be making this space, well after the fold where no one is really going to read, I’m going to start making notes here. This is for my ex-wife. I will work to make NYE Erased. I owe her that.

And yes, I know that Youtube is Killing Videos – 2020