Happy Birthday Brandy Rai (v.2023)

My most excellent companion, Brandy Rai, I have not nor will not ever forget you. You are my first, you are the King, baby.

My first “that guy.” That guy. The guy. My guy. He whom I miss the longest. Sir Orange, most supreme. I miss the fuck out of him, I always will. What a special orange fluffy life companion.

While not the length of some of your brothers, it certainly was intense, my furry little man. How I miss watching you run down the stairs in NY, thinking you’d run the gap, only to run into a snow drift. LOL.

To repeat some stuff that is still the case…

The current one, well, I wish Brandy Rai and Sho Rai would talk to him and tell him how to be a Maine Coon, a proper one. Now that’s some trash talking.


I flew Brandy Rai across the country, from NY to AZ a few weeks after I had gotten here. He flew solo, in the belly of the beast.

I drove from Phoenix, Arizona, to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, with Brandy Rai riding shotgun with his dad in a 24′ Uhaul with my 1995 Nissan 200SX SE-R in tow, the first brand new car I ever purchased. Never thought I’d ever have gotten one.

In fact, I had wanted an earlier model of the Sentra SE-R, as my great sister had. Except it was a few years older, I think 1992ish, and red. Mine was some sort of green.

And a year later, we did the trip from Florida to Arizona again, but this time we slept in the car. It was easier on us. He got the front seat of the car.

It was an amazing experience and something that brought me ever so much closer to my boy. He was something else, everyone who met him loved him. He was friendly, fearless, and mine.

I miss my guy, the very first kitty of my own, an amazing Maine Coon who was my best friend. He slept at my head, either on my pillow or on the headboard. He slept on my waterbed, and never once fucked that shit up.

Here is to you, Brandy Rai. You made me who I am, and I can never say thank you enough. Now, team up with your brothers and whip Takao and Shiro into shape. I need them, I need y’all.

The below picture is one of my favorite pictures of Brandy Rai. It was a Wednesday, as that was the day I worked from home. And he, like usual, was on my desk. And that made me happier than can be written.

The Late, GREAT, Brandy Rai