How stupid was she?

I just needed to post this, even if for posterity sake. I was chatting with Brad yesterday (Sunday) and he asked what it was that really caused me to dump the most recent chick. It was simple, yet incredible stupid on her part. What it boiled down to was this.

We were standing in the kitchen, drinking some chardonnay when she proclaimed … that I was not over my the divorce with my ex-wife (now 3 years in the past) and that I was using the death of my beloved Brandy Rai as a cover for that.

Seriously, that’s the complete crazy shit this dumb bitch thought. Deep down inside she thought this. Are you fucking kidding me? Nope, that’s the honest to god truth.

I took this view to 3 of my closest friends. Brad, Jason and Bado. I told all three that bit of information and they all said the same thing “she obviously had no idea who you are and what you are about.”.

I have to say, my friends really do know me. She didn’t. She’s just another ex now …