It’s always great when people can get away with :
* Offering money to another party to assault someone the original party doesn’t agree with,
* Publishing the information of minors,
* Slandering people based on little to no information,
* Walking back or deleting your posts when it comes to pass that you are a complete ass-douche,
* And lastly, are a part of the tolerant left.

Seriously. This weekends cluster fuckup by the left, the media, the left controlled media, and all the fucking moronic leftist who are triggered by the existence of anyone who isn’t left in their personal echo chambers … wow.

Just wow. If I was running for, or sitting as , POTUS, I’d thank you for re-electing me because you have completely without a shadow of a doubt proven you are FAKE NEWS.

Fuck you people. I hope that all the blue checks, news media and all the other slanderer’s get ass reamed by lawsuits. After all, who deserves it more then you?

If you don’t know why, check out how many people called for violence or other inappropriate behaviors against MINOR’s and then deleted their twitter posts.

Fuck all of you.

Update @ 17;53, ~7 minutes after the post … I REALLY, REALLY want to collect and post all of the shitty, disgusting, blue check tolerant left’s response to the event, but you can find it on your own. Those cunts don’t deserve more then this from me. Again, fuck all of you.

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