I had a Wonderful Conversation (9/2020)

“Conversation is a lost art and by showing respect to others, to yourself, people can be free to share ideas without fear of violence.”

I had a Wonderful conversation with The Reverend the other day at the National Memorial Cemetery here in Phoenix, Arizona.

One of the biggest topics encapsulated free thought, the learning of that, and the subsequent disappointment in society that is increasingly incapable of, or at least incredibly unwilling to do.

I credited then, and even now, my worthless jackass parents for pushing me towards free thought, to forming my own thoughts and opinions on ideas. Basically, I did the opposite of what they did.

And that spurred a lifelong pursuit of ideals outside of the norms based on the research and internalization of feelings that I was able to create. And it’s funny where these things came from.

First and foremost, and likely most importantly, music. So much great musical impressions between 1986 – 1996. So many great releases say every generation of their own heyday. Not a lot of people can say that.

Typically it takes some sort of spark and internalization (used that 2x now) of that which is important to them. Something that makes them, well, their ID. Learning is important, can you embrace it. Should embrace it.

During that time period, I experienced (in no specific order):

  • Nuclear Assault
  • Slayer
  • Iron Maiden
  • Rage Against The Machine
  • What I learned from this, the most important thing …. “Think for yourself, you dumbass.” If you can’t do that, if you are not willing to do the research, then you are just another drone parroting the latest in echo chamber greatness that sounds like moronic and incoherent chattering.

    If you go along with the norm if you think that the headlines of the news you read are accurate and true if you accept the lies and bullshit that society and media are trying to feed you if you believe without verification…

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    You aren’t thinking. You aren’t opening your mind. You are completely closing your world off. Either people don’t know better or are too stupid to see they do it.

    It is so fucking lame and sad and disheartening and just … just pathetic.

    The whole point of my post is this … Think for yourself. Do your research. Investigate what you are told. Be skeptical. Use multiple sources. Be a fucking old school journalist. And the most important of all things, have a conversation.

    All you need is just a conversation. No need to be upset about anything. Just have a nice, smooth conversation. Listen, absorb, adapt, ask questions as you’d do so to the kindest of friends.

    “Conversation is a lost art and by showing respect to others, to yourself, people can be free to share ideas without fear of violence.”

    The Reverend and I had a great conversation this day, out in nature, on what was a beautiful morning. What made it even more special, perhaps more
    amazing was a fact that we both know to be true.

    We’ve had many dozens of great chats, out in nature, having breakfast, having lunch, in the kitty ER while I’m freaking the fuck out. That’s happened twice oddly enough. Or sadly, not sure how to spin that one.

    How do you develop a relationship with another human? It’s simple. Follow the most basic rule, something that The Reverend and I discuss in an almost daily ritual … Be Excellent to Each Other.

    If you’ve never seen it, watch it. Go now! Nownownownownownow. If you’ve seen it, watch it again. It’s one of the least worst things you can do with your time. And maybe you can open your mind to the core tenant of being a good human. For fuck sake, we need more good humans!

    It’s now, now it’s time to put on my thinking cap, and do some questioning of reality.

    Say What?