Judge Napolitano: NSA More Interested In Spying On Americans Than ISIS

by STEVE WATSON | INFOWARS.COM | SEPTEMBER 3, 2014 and selfownership1 Youtube Channel

The always insightful libertarian commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano had some choice words for the President Tuesday as it emerged that Obama has been receiving detailed security briefings on the rise of ISIS for over a year, but failed to formulate any strategy to deal with the terrorist group.

Appearing on Fox & Friends, Napolitano did not mince his words:

“The President is more concerned with wanting to know what Americans are doing, rather than dispatching our intelligence agencies to find out what people who really can cause us harm are doing. he said, noting that the activity the NSA has undertaken “doesn’t keep us safe, it keeps us less free.

“There are two disregards for the Constitution. Napolitano added, explaining “One is spying on innocent Americans without any evidence of criminal activity¦ the other is failing to keep us safe by allowing an entity the size and the magnitude and the ferocity of ISIS to develop without any resistance.

The claims that Obama has been getting “detailed and specific intelligence about the rise of ISIS in his daily briefings for at least a year, comes from an anonymous former Pentagon official who claims to be fearful of the lack of action the administration has been taking on the matter.

“This is getting bad, the source told Fox News, claiming that the White House had been repeatedly hesitant and, regarding the effort to rescue the now murdered US journalists at the hands of ISIS, continually asked for “the intelligence to build up more, despite it being strong and “granular in detail.

By Obama’s own admission, up until this week, there has been “no strategy to deal with ISIS, an entity he personally dismissed in April, describing the group as the “jayvee squad.

The fact that the President refuses to be briefed by advisors, and prefers to read the intelligence updates alone, has led some to question whether he has missed or skipped over vital information.

The Fox report reads “The former Pentagon official, who has knowledge of the process, said Obama generally was not known to come back to the intelligence community with further requests for information based on the daily report.

Referring to the claims that the government has had detailed intelligence on ISIS for some time, Judge Napolitano said “Either they did or they didn’t, and if they did, they can’t claim surprise.

“If they didn’t, it’s because they have dispatched 60,000 agents to spy on Americans in the United States of America, instead of on these monsters as they started to acquire more wealth and more of our former military equipment. Napolitano urged.

“So for the government to say ˜oh, all of a sudden ISIS is here’, either the government is not doing its job, or the government is lying to us. the judicial analyst concluded.

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