Judge Napolitano Reveals The Truth About The Federal Reserve On Fox News

September 20, 2012

It is nice to see this kind of information finally being exposed in the mainstream media. What I would like to know, though, is where was Fox News or any other MSM outlet five to six years ago? Was it not Fox News pundits that laughed at Peter Schiff when he was warning about the Federal Reserve and the housing bubble? Where was their vigilance against the Fed when Bush was in office?

And by the way, where was Mitt Romney’s opposition to the Fed back in 2008? The answer is, there was no opposition. Fox and Romney defended and even idolized the central bankers including Bernanke when it suited their interests. Today, it is the goal of the Neo-Cons to lure the Liberty Movement back into the controlled GOP fold, which is exactly why, all of a sudden, Mitt Romney and Fox are allowing Napolitano to unleash this damaging information in a national venue.

Romney takes his marching orders from the same banking masters as Obama, and will never truly oppose the Fed. Their goal is to make you “believeŁ in the system once again, so that they can stab you in the back one last timeŽ

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