When I buy a vehicle, especially a used one, I follow the following steps to bring the vehicle up to the level of how I expect the vehicle to look and function. Typically I break them down into 5 stages.


  1. Get it in running order – This means to fix all known issues of mechanical nature. Tuneups are included in this.
  2. Clean it up – This refers to making the vehicle presentable. Things in this category are fixing lights/bulbs, seats/covers, other superficial presentation items. –
  3. Stereo and ICE – At this point the vehicle should be running well and look decent, but the sound system has got to go. We add new speakers, head unit and subs into this area
  4. Mod’s – This step adds new things like a performance exhaust, upgrading brakes, trunk liners, etc.
  5. Paint – Make it pretty and you are all done.