moneymoneymoneyThis was intended to be a short note, something important that I wanted to articulate for myself. For posterity sake. A reminder of who I and what it is that I feel is a core value. So without further ado …

I’ve long been a proponent that my blog(s) are for me to write, not to make money. There’s no ads for that reason. Plus, they piss me off. It’s great that people want to monetize everything, that’s how our society is and the beast that’s been created.

I don’t disagree with people who do this as a source of primary income. That’s why, in a lot of ways, there are apps like AdBlock Pro and whatnot for different browsers. But my issue is the crap with paid content that is intended to look like news articles but are just giant crap-ware sites.

I find that the instant I notice it on a site that I am visiting, I either work AdBlock Pro to destroy the element or whatever the CSS is for it, or I just don’t visit the site anymore. In essence, I just block the f’ing site because it makes me so annoyed.

Look, everyone wants to succeed. Those content crap-ware networks can suck a giant dick. And choke on it.