MUST SEE – Keith Olbermann’s Call To Arms: The Great Hypocrisy Of Debt, Politics, War And Man

Fire and brimstone

This video is going to be very controversial with readers, without doubt. I have my issues with Olbermann, mostly due to his extreme partisanship. Dylan Ratigan has long since ascertained the truth that Olbermann takes great pains to avoid, namely that both parties are to blame, not just Republicans, as Democrats are equally complicit in facilitating the grand corporate takeover of America, specifically Washington.

That being said, this is an energetic, uplifting and remarkably angry clip that clamors for and deserves 8 minutes of your time, regardless of your tribal affiliation. I do not agree with all that Olbermann states herein. He is wrong, for example, about a balanced budget amendment, as it would allow deficit spending in exigent circumstance, and he is wrong as stated above, to focus his blame on but one side. But his anti-war, anti-political message resonates as among the best I’ve seen, and his passion in vilifying the guilty will strike a chord with all but the most partisan among you.

Coming on the heels of Lieberman’s pathetic call to cut Social Security for the sake of war, virtually endless war, delivered yesterday on the Senate floor, Olbermann’s battle cry for action, for a public response of some kind, of any kind, is all the more moving and timely.

This is a call to arms like few you have heard. Pay it due heed.

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