Obama is rapidly turning this country into a totalitarian regime

By Dr. Laurie Roth
Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just this week I was talking to a high level contact who had just talked with a member of the Homeland Security Dept. They revealed to him that Obama is planning to nationalize every security force that currently guards any military structure and all 800,000 Government buildings. Currently these buildings and facilities have been guarded by private security companies¦..not when Obama is through. This will immediately put thousands of security companies and hundreds of thousands of workers out of business.

Hundreds of thousands more jobs of private security companies will be gone but even more chilling, Obama will have a national police force, peppered through out the country, in every city where there are any Government buildings or military sites of any kind. The question every American, liberal, conservative, black or white should be asking is WHY does Obama plan to have a national police and security force? Why is he continuing to break into the private banking sector, business sector and now security sector?

Is Dr. Alan Keys right? He has said on and off my radio show that Obama will declare martial law after a created crises, thus ending the next cycle of elections and staying in control?

My source also with a top military service background said that Obama is marching forward to create a Totalitarianism regime. He predicted that first, Obama will establish a national police/security force then he will take our guns. My comment at this stage is¦¦Obama may TRY TO TAKE OUR GUNS!!!

Lets see¦¦a national security force and now BOOK DELETIONS?

Also my same source shared with me the order that came from an Obama official last week to Amazon to delete 4 books, all on totalitarianism. You may remember Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm. They and two other related books were all deleted, so that even if people had already bought them they would have their books disappear. Isn’t that a form of stealing folks? It is as if you went out and bought a room full of furniture and a thug broke in and ripped your couch and love seat to shreds. Why did Obama want books talking about Totalitarianism threats deleted? Could it be he wants people to know less of what he is up to? You decide. Not surprisingly, Amazon said deleting the books was a mistake though shockingly they aren’t about to say who gave the order from Obama’s administration.

He has already started demonizing conservative patriots in the U.S. Last April we saw Homeland Security release a report that warned of many dangerous and monstrous Americans to watch carefully. Anyone that is a returning Vet, pro life, pro 2nd amendment, pro sovereignty, fearful of communistic regimes, and pro Government accountability are already in the suspected cross hairs of being a domestic terrorist. I must be the anti Christ with these new rules! Remember, when changing a culture into a totalitarian regime you must create enemies of those who would defend and fight for freedom.

Is it clear yet why Obama and his administration came out so quickly behind Manuel Zelaya who was ousted by the Honduran Supreme Court and congress? Zelaya was tied directly to massive voter fraud, trying to keep in power as Ortega did, trying to violate their very constitution, law and many other suspected violations. Another one of my regular guests with extensive Honduran roots, property and business there said there is legitimate evidence also linking Zelaya with massive drug traffic coming in through his ranch from Venezuela. The Hondurans did only what was proper and necessary for their countries laws and freedom. How is it that Obama so quickly sided with the totalitarian, Chavez clone? Could it be that Zelaya reflects Obama’s real world view¦.communist?

My question to anyone in the military, police or security force that is taken over by Obama, will you turn on the American people? Will you blindly obey as forces did when Hitler took over? Will you allow yourselves to be the tools to take our guns? Or, will you be REAL patriots, defending our constitution, bill of rights, freedoms and what is right? I will close with my earlier thought¦..WHEN OBAMA TRIES TO TAKE OUR GUNS.