Pelosi: ˜Our Founders Wanted’ Obamacare

Paul Bois
Truth Revolt
April 2, 2014

In a press conference outside the White House West Wing, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) once again lauded Obamacare as something our Founding Fathers intended 200-plus years ago. She stated:

It is really so heart warming for those of us who worked so hard [to make sure] many more people in our country would have access to healthcare. There are those who are critics, and there have been bumps in the road, but they’ve only been turbulence. They have not been an obstacle to the American people having the healthier life that our founders wanted for them: life ” a healthier life ” liberty and the freedom to pursue their happiness, not [be] job-locked, but having benefits that having health-care policies that are portable, they could be self-employed, be a photographer ” they could start their own business, they could change jobs, they could reach their aspirations. Isn’t that a wonderful thing for a society and for an economy?

Back in January, when Nancy Pelosi made an appearance on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, she was asked why the Democrats did such a poor job implementing Obamacare. She responded with a befuddled, “I don’t know. When asked if she had any plans to fix the problem, she stated, “It’s not my responsibility.

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