politics part I

OK, I don’t usually venture into politics because American’s are generally completely retarded about world affairs. It’s really sad that most American’s feel that they do indeed understand what is going on in the world but the sad truth is, they don’t. Hell, people in this country don’t even understand how our government works.

Think of the US government as a large corporation, say like Ford. The CEO has absolutely no idea what the clowns on the assemble line are doing as he/she has many levels of management between them and said clowns. The CEO gets sandblasted over the smallest detail that the lowest level people do or don’t do, never knowing the event. The CEO also has a series of different levels of management who make decisions. They don’t always talk to the CEO about every decision that’s made at every level, yet the CEO is held accountable by the stockholders.

See the parallels here? Probably not. Whether you like whichever president is in office or not, that person is about as likely to be making everyday real decisions as the CEO of Ford. Yet everyone loves to piss all over them when something goes wrong (or even right given our current administration).

The problem stems from the inability for people to really, honestly, see the bigger picture and gather the information and facts necessary to have an informed belief. And there is the root cause of America’s inability to deal with what happens in the rest of the world. Rather then informing themselves, people would rather blame the CEO or upper management since it doesn’t involve education, learning or being remotely reasonable.

Think of it this way, during FDR’s presidency he was very well hated by both parties. He made good and bad decisions over his 12 years of presidency. Hell, he lied numerous times leading up to WWII about America’s involvement in the war, often promising that the US would not get involved. And now he’s a very well revered president. History allows us the time to gather all the information and facts needed to make informed decisions, and yet that’s notably absent from our societies basic thought process.

Overall, I think my point is this. Don’t blame the CEO if you don’t have ALL the facts about what is going on.