RIP Peter Steele (UPDATED x2)

Word is coming out via Twitter (and even wikipedia) that the lead singer of Type O Negative, Peter Steele passed away today from heart failure at the age of 48. Way too young.

Now why is this of importance? Cause I’ve long been a fan of Type O and have the logo tattooed on my left shoulder. The band members all had it on the right side but I thought it would be a little too much to do that. I got that tattoo in 2000. I’veseen them in concert a few times as well as having all of their albums.


Looks like the majority of news sources are reporting on this now with updates expected later today from the band and family members. I’ll add notes & statements when it comes out.

update 2

The official update is on the Type O website.

Truly saddening.

Type O Negative Logo