RIP Sho Rai

Last night, Friday, 4 January 2019, my baby Sho Sugino Rai, passed away due to complications after a surgery to remove tissue from a tumor in his nasal cavity. He was almost 12 years old.

This one hurts differently. He made the choice that he could not continue and peacefully passed away without the aid of any drugs or medication. I was lucky enough to be there with him as hist time came to an end.

I will miss so much of him :

  • him sleeping on the bed laying up against my right leg (like Brandy Rai would do),
  • His super loud purring,
  • His desire to always be on my lap (and I loved that so so much),
  • And how he would sit up on his rear paws and motion his front paws as if he wanted to be picked up.
  • His calm and loving personality.

Sho will always be the king, I will miss him so much.

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