Ron Paul: Americans should be ėoutraged’ with Obama budget

Justin Sink
The Hill
February 15, 2012

Ron Paul said Tuesday that Americans should be “outragedĚ over President Obama’s 2013 budget proposal and echoed fellow Republicans in arguing that the plan fell short of the president’s promises to reduce deficit spending.

“For the fourth year in a row our federal budget deficit will exceed $1 trillion, and President Obama is offering us a budget plan that will continue digging us deeper into this debt hole,Ě said Pau in a statement. “This budget contains a massive tax increase, and President Obama’s policies of more debt and taxes will make the jobs crisis facing the nation much worse than the employment crisis we are facing.Ě

Paul went on to lambast Obama Ē and his Republican opponents Ē for failing to take “the debt seriously.Ě

“The debt should be priority number one, for everybody. It is for me. But it doesn’t seem to be for the people in charge,Ě Paul said.

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