Ron Paul for getting rid of income taxes, bringing troops home

Stephanie Claytor
Aug 10, 2011

FAIRFIELD, IOWA ” If Congressmen Ron Paul is elected as the next United States President, there may be some drastic changes such as the legalization of marijuana.

Dr. Paul stopped by Fairfield Tuesday evening to defend his campaign for presidency.

If elected, he said he would bring home all of the US troops stationed around the world and get rid of the Federal Reserve, income taxes and the Department of Education.

Paul said he’s fighting to restore personal liberties, including giving citizens the right to use the drugs of their choice.

 I don’t think the federal government has any business telling you what to do with your own body,  said Rep. Ron Paul. “Some people will respond by saying ˜but somebody might use some of these drugs that aren’t good for them’. Yea, but some people might eat too much.

When KTVO asked him about what other specific government programs he would cut, he said, “I think they probably all need to be cut.

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