Ron Paul: In it to win it

Conor Murphy
Washington Times
January 29, 2012

During this primary season, many political pundits have assumed that Ron Paul is not actively trying to win the Presidency. To them, he is simply a message candidate who has some interesting ideas but no path to the nomination.

Dr. Paul is seen as too much of a fringe candidate by the mainstream media and therefore considered unelectable. The facts, however, say otherwise. This time around, the Ron Paul campaign is more organized, has better advisors, and is actually campaigning to win.

Along with establishment candidate Mitt Romney, Ron Paul is the only candidate who was able to get on the ballot in all fifty states. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum will not get enough delegates from the states they have qualified for to receive the Republican nomination.

Rick Santorum still has very poor name recognition, and Newt Gingrich is one of the most polarizing political figures of our generation , and he could not even get on the ballot in his home state. In other words, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are the only electable candidates to choose from.

One of the biggest reasons to believe that Congressman Paul intends to win is his age. Running a national campaign is the most stressful, physically draining, and emotionally taxing activity that a politician can undertake, and 76 year old Ron Paul would not be doing it unless he thought there were a chance he could win.

With all the work that the Paul campaign put into Iowa and New Hampshire, it would be foolish to think that there wasn’t any campaign strategy to pick up delegates.

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