Ron Paul: Jon Stewart helped make my case

Eric W. Dolan
Raw Story
Sept 22, 2011

Texas Congressman Ron Paul (R) on Wednesday said The Daily Show host Jon Stewart helped boost media coverage of his presidential candidacy.

“I think that another person that kind of made my case was Jon Stewart,” he told reporters at a breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor. “How could anything be more dramatic than what Jon Stewart did?”

After Paul came in second place in the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa, Stewart noted he had not received the media attention he deserved.

Confirming his suspicion, a Pew Research Center report found that Paul was mentioned just 29 times in the days following the Ames Straw Poll, while Rick Perry was mentioned 371 times, Michelle Bachmann was mentioned 274 times and Mitt Romney was mentioned 183 times.

“I don’t take it personally, and I know how it works, but I’m always wanting to make an excuse because I think people just flat-out don’t understand me,” Paul added. “They don’t understand what I’m talking about. But the people who do get super excited about it.”

Watch video, courtesy of ForaTV, below:

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