Ron Paul Rising Separates the Phony Conservatives from the Real Patriots


I just have to get a laugh at how the phony warmongering neo conservatives are falling over themselves trying to discredit Ron Paul. I read websites and the broadcast of these phony conservatives. Starting with Michael Reagan, his father is problem rolling over in his grave now when he endorsed Newt Gingrich saying he will keep his father’s legacy alive. Newt the man who cannot keep it in his pants who is for carbon taxes and individual mandate for Obamacare. As far as I know, it was Ron Paul back in 1976 when he was a freshmen in Congress, While the Rockefeller, and Country Club wing of the Republican party scorned Ronald Reagan. Ron Paul was one of the only five Republicans in the House of Representatives who endorsed the former California governor for President.

We are starting to see the phony conservatives. Sean Hannidy either has Newt or Mitt on his show. Ann Coulter has endorsed Romney. Newsmax calls Ron Paul’s foreign Policy dangerous. Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage say the Texas congressmen will destroy the republican party. Neal Boortz who says he is a libertarian is insulting Ron Paul supporters. We can see the fear in the Iowa Governor’s eyes fearing a Ron Paul victory. We see phony and fake polls trying to say Romney is rising in the polls. Michelle Bachman accuses the Ron Paul campaign bribing her staff to defect to his campaign. World Net Daily is smearing Ron Paul saying jihad will prevail if we do not fight wars for Israel. Publications like National Review and the Weekly Standard have shown their true colors as a phony conservatives part of the political establishment.

The sad reality I think many long time time followers who were duped by these phony conservatives for years about cutting spending, being pro life and shrinking the size of government. When a candidate like Ron Paul comes along who votes against every unbalanced budget, expanding the size of government who stood for the life of the unborn was is the real deal. A man who will follow through what has been talked about for years, These phony neo cons demonize the real conservative who will actually follow through on his promises to shrink government and balance the budget.

Now we see the phony patriots and Christians coming out of the work work against Ron Paul. Even the American Family Association is endorsing the adulterer Newt Gingrich. The NRA gave Ron Paul a less then perfect pro gun record when he is the most pro second amendment candidate in the field. It just proves these organizations are just controlled opposition funded by the same forces behind the scenes. This election year we will see the wheat separate from the chaff. We are seeing the phonies and the real patriots out in the open. Which shows within the conservative movement we can see not only the shattering of the left right paradigm. We can also see the shattering of the phony right and real Conservative movements rising going back to their roots of liberty and justice for all.

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